Housewife meaning

      3:45, 5, 6 three breaks in my sleep. I wake up at 8AM. Brush, bath, nurse my daughter, short play with her, make her sleep, small chat with Machu (my hub)while cutting vegetables, my breakfast, clean the kitchen and dining area, refills empty groceries and spice items, Organizes my daughter’s clothes, at times fridge cleaning, pack Machu’s lunch, help him with his id card- phone-socks-headphones, breakfast for him, bid him bye-bye, again cleaning sofa & coffee-table, collects all the clothes and load washing machine, in-between Nila cries, Nurse her and put her to sleep, drink water and track that in my phone, dry the clothes at the backyard, immerse papa clothes and in the mean time fold the dried clothes of the day before, put them in their respective places, go wash papa clothes dry them, she wakes up and refuses to sleep 😂.. oil massage, little play, bath her, nurse her and she sleeps for 3 hours after bath.. clock says 2:30PM. I hastily have my lunch and get to bed… Phewww.. 3PM

           I rarely write diary, talk with my (MIL,FIL)athai mama, phone call mom, check twitter-wapp, read mommy blogs, see Nila’s pictures in my phone gallery, chat with Machu through whatsapp.. Finally sleeps…. 5:15PM.. she wakes up and goes to sleep only by 10PM.. 

          Nurse her, change her clothes, play with her, pray god, talks with athai, see tv , make dinner for Machu, talk with my SIL, Read paper, eat dinner at 9PM. He comes by 9:40, his dinner, short family talk, everyone goes to bed by 10:30 PM, then dad-daughter play time, he sleeps by 11:15 PM, i look after her until she sleeps, mostly 12:30… The next day Sun comes up and Goes on for five days. Weekend the same with no rest and some extra works, outings.

          Oct 30 2015 I quit my job and was 30 days pregnant. Oct 22 2016 she is 3.5 months old and am back to Chennai. This one year i didn’t feel any boredom. Pregnancy was new to me. I had to face many changes. After coming to Chennai am really stuck with questions like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DAILY 🤔She will soon grow and find her life going to school and her own routine. I don’t know what will i do. I cannot understand how some people were happy being at home. Am feeling suffocated. May be since I worked for 3 years before marriage this boredom. I am not worried about making money or following passion. My worry is all about killing time in an useful way and knowing myself for something good more than laundry-clean-eat-sleep cycle!!

            I  can see three four of my friends who resigned along with me are so very enjoying their time with their kids at home. But I cannot really enjoy. My mind constantly searches answer for the question WHAT NEXT….! I feel there are so many things that can fill my routine. I didn’t want to escape from my daily chores. Just that i want something for myself only. I wonder, IF AM THE ONLY ONE here to see this emptiness 🤗Do tell your views, tips from stay at home moms and Thoughts from working moms are welcome.

Finally ,,

Sticking to job is not only for Making money. It’s their identity.

Sitting at home is not about free time or laziness. It’s a sacrifice.

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