That’s Him !

                         I was five months pregnant. My mood swings were still there but the intensity was less. I showed everything with my machan and no one else to share with. But I pretend to be calm before my mother in law. I don’t let her know i blast my husband for very silly reasons and does not talk to him also. It was a Saturday morning. I was about to have breakfast.
                     I walked to the kitchen and pulled the drawer that contained spoons. Suddenly a small rat that was inside, got scared and rapidly moved over the spoons, jumped into the drawer below. I gave an instant scream and the spoon in my hand fell down. Hearing this my husband thought that i tripped on the floor. He came very fast from the hall with tension in his eyes.
                  He saw me standing. “I saw a rat in the cupboard and hence i shouted”, i explained him before he asked. He simply walked back. I felt so moved for his reflex. I also got so angry with me for fighting with him every now and then. But those are not my faults. My hormones play a vital part in defining my mood, my food cravings, my weight, my happiness too. I cried for petty things then and it is funny to recall them now.
                       That night, i told him all that was happening to me and about my mood swings. I hugged him saying sorry. Yes, he gave that priceless smile and as always he forgave me.

◆◆Some of the scenes don’t get erased from the memory. They stand still for some reasons. This scene here stands to tell me, he loves me and he cares for me no matter what I do to him ◆◆

Current Mood : Longing
Current Song : oru naal sirithen, maru naal veruthen…
Current Emoji : 😕


1 thought on “That’s Him !

  1. we never be aware that we love one person very deeply unless any incident happens to stimulate our feelings for that person. especially love unconditional love towards husband will be expressed in way of anger or romance.


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